5 Ways To Soothe Your Baby

We all know that soothing your baby can be one of the most frustrating parts of parenting! Some babies naturally soothe themselves easier than others and no baby is the same, so having a few handy tips to try out when they are struggling to settle will always come in handy for any parent. 


One of the first things you learn with a newborn is how to swaddle your baby so you replicate the feeling of security in the womb. This is the simplest soothing technique, wrapping them up tightly in a lightweight and breathable blanket will make them feel secure and calm. Some parents also find that their baby sleeps for longer or deeper when swaddled. We love the collection of swaddles on Mori.

White Noise

Similarly to swaddling, the effect of white noise also replicates what a baby hears when they are in the womb. The sound is very calming and tends to send baby to sleep quicker than silence or natural noises going on around them as it helps to black out any other sounds in the house or their environment (especially if you are planning a quick tidy up!) It is recommended to only use white noise to send your baby to sleep and not keep the sound going all night long. You can get some great white noise machines including this adorable SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid or you can simply get the sound of white noise on your phone or on Spotify. 


Singing is a simple and easy way to soothe your baby. Lullabies are not something parents do for the fun of it, it has actually been proved that singing lowers your babies heart rate, decreases anxiety and has a huge impact on their brain development as well as relaxing you which is always important too! You don’t always have to sing nursery rhymes or traditional lullabies, why not make one up about your baby or their surroundings - it’s actually easier than it sounds! 


Any form of motion will automatically help soothe a fussy baby. We all know ‘the mum rock’ but try keeping your baby close in a front carrier or sling as the rhythm will help soothe them whilst staying close to you in a comfortable way for both you and baby. Going for a slow walk in or out of the house will also help create a rhythm to send them to sleep. Alternatively many parents also try driving around the block as the rhythm of the car can also help.

Fresh Air

If walking around the house isn’t working for you then the last alternative is heading outside. The fresh air is really good for your baby so if your baby struggles to sleep at night try heading out for a walk in the daytime which should help them feel more relaxed when its time to go to sleep at night. 

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this blog is general information and guidance and should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek advice from your doctor or health care professional.