We love babies, but one day our babies will grow up and we want to make sure the planet is a nice place for them to live. That’s why we are committed to making sustainable choices wherever we can, not just for the planet, but for all of us in it... together.

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Be More Sustainable

We are Babymel. A brand built on quality and sustainability. We design bags you will love whilst ensuring they can withstand the rough ride parents put them through.

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We all have the choice to buy better, but sometimes it feels like it will cost the earth. It’s a balance. Whilst we aim to use the best materials possible, we have to keep our costs commercial so you can still afford products that you love.

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Our Commitment

90% of all new products we make today are from recycled and sustainable materials. We don’t claim to be 100% sustainable, but we know that by taking steps in the right direction, we are making a difference.

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We Plant Trees

We are part of Ecologi's Climate Action Workforce, planting trees and offsetting the carbon emissions for each of our employees. Together we are moving towards being a more climate positive business.

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Product Lifecycle

We set out from day one to make a bag that would last. We’re not fast fashion, and our bags are designed for all seasons and occasions and to be used by the whole family so you will only need to buy one bag.

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Responsible Production

Small batch production is one of the most powerful practices a brand can do. We make small production runs regularly, which means we don’t produce anywhere near as much waste in production, making more of the products you love and less of the ones that you don’t, preventing unwanted products ending up in landfill.

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Recycled Materials

In 2019 we launched our first eco collection made from recycled materials. The main material is RPET which is a type of polyester, but instead of using chemicals to make a ‘virgin’ polyester, plastic bottles are chipped down, melted and then spun into a recycled yarn.

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