Recycled Materials

Recycled polyester. In 2019 we launched our first eco collection made from recycled materials.The main material is RPET which is a type of polyester, but instead of using chemicals to make a ‘virgin’ polyester, plastic bottles are chipped down, melted and then spun into a recycled yarn. The material has been re-manufactured from plastic bottles, turning a piece of rubbish into an item that can be used for years to come.

The recycled material has all the same attributes as the materials we were previously using, it is high quality, lightweight, durable and water resistant so changing to this material was relatively simple. With only a small cost impact we were able to change to a more sustainable material option and we are still looking at how to adapt the rest of our range into an eco option too. Want to know more?

Head over to our blog ‘Inside Babymel: It’s All Eco’.

To date we have recycled over 425,000 plastic bottles that would have otherwise been polluting our oceans. By using recycled polyester we are reducing water consumption by 20%, energy consumption by 50% and CO2 admissions by 60% so it is an overall more efficient and sustainable material to use in production.

Material certifications. GRS Our recycled polyester is certified by the Global Recycled standard which means they do not contain any nasty chemicals and all the treatments used on the materials are environmentally friendly.

REACH. Our materials are tested to REACH standards, the highest industry testing standard for harmful chemicals. This means they’re non-toxic and don’t contain harmful chemicals.