Cloth Nappies: Q&A with The Nappy Gurus

This week we have partnered with our friends at The Nappy Gurus to talk about all things cloth nappies! Whether you are about to step into the world of parenting for the first time or you are expecting baby number 2, 3 or even 4 it’s not too late to consider an eco friendly alternative that not only saves the planet but also saves you some pennies!

Tell us a little bit about your brand…

Hey! We are The Nappy Gurus, a Leicestershire based reusable nappy retailer. We aim to inform and connect the next generation of reusable nappy parents. We only stock products we love and trust, and pride ourselves on providing as much information as possible for every product on our site. We also stock a variety of other eco-living products, including reusable wipes and period products!

Why should I consider using cloth nappies for my baby?

Reusable nappies are becoming more and more of a popular parenting choice for a number of reasons. The biggest reasons we see for switching are:

Save money - Our 2021 Great Big Nappy Census found that saving money was a primary motivation for switching to reusables. It also showed that 65% of them had spent under £300 in total for their reusable nappies and accessories. When you consider that those same nappies can be used for second or third children, the cost savings really can be significant!

Reduce household waste - A child in disposable nappies will generate almost 900kg of nappy waste during the first 2 years of infancy. By replacing even just ONE nappy a day with a reusable nappy alternative will result in 730 less disposable nappies ending up in your bin, and landfill. Every change really does make a difference.

Convenience - There is something to be said for having an endless supply of nappies on hand, right where and when you need them. The misconception is that reusable nappies are hard work- but actually it just means running an extra load of laundry every couple of days.

How many nappies do I need to buy?

You will need somewhere between 15-25 reusable nappies, depending on the age of your baby. We would advise to start with 15 and go from there. You can always add more nappies to your stash as you go. And you may see some new prints you need as they are released, here's your warning that they're addictive!

Do the nappies work in different sizes the same way that disposables do?

The most popular type of reusable nappies are one size, or sometimes known as birth to potty nappies. These nappies will fit your little one from around 10lbs and usually last until potty training, this means you only ever need one set of nappies! The only time you may need a different size of nappy is if you choose to use reusables from newborn. Newborn sized nappies are much tinier and usually designed to fit around the umbilical cord, they can fit from around 5lbs.

Is it better to start my baby on cloth nappies from newborn or is it okay to swap later down the line?

The best way to start is whichever suits you. Some people like to take a few weeks after birth to settle into life with a new addition where-as others will want to jump straight in and use them from birth. Just be mindful of choosing the right size nappies for your little one.

What is the best way to store used nappies?

We recommend using a nappy pail, this is simply a waterproof bag with a zip. You can store this bag anywhere in your house and just pop the dirty nappies in until wash day. They come in a range of designs and sizes too!

How do you wash the used nappies?

Here at The Nappy Gurus we like to keep washing routines super simple! A cold rinse cycle followed by a 40/60 degrees long wash, you can use any non-bio washing powder too so there is no need for fancy (and expensive!) detergents. You can find our full washing guidelines here.

Can I use a mix of disposable and cloth nappies?

Of course! As with all parenting decisions, you can do it however you choose. A lot of people buy a couple of reusables and use a mixture of both whilst they build up a full-time stash. This is a great way to spread the cost and ease into using reusable nappies.

Are cloth nappies a problem with nursery/day care?

With reusable alternatives becoming much more common, most nurseries and childcare providers are extremely happy to jump on board with cloth nappies! Our top tip is to talk to them and tell them you want to use reusables, we'd also recommend sending a fit guide with some photos. You can find a downloadable one here.

How do you use cloth nappies when you are out and about?

When you're out and about all you need to take with you is no different to if you used disposables. You just need your nappies, some wipes and a wet bag. A wet bag is used in place of nappy sacks for storing your dirty nappies, they are a zipped waterproof bag which come in a variety of prints and sizes. And of course a mountain of spare clothes, toys and snacks!

There are so many different types of cloth nappies, how do I choose the right one for me?

There are lots of different styles and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Our best advice is to just buy one you like the look of and give it a go. You can have a look at the drying times or ease of use of every nappy on our site too, this may help you to decide where to start. And if you need a little more guidance, our Personalised Advice Service can help you choose!

What can you do with cloth nappies once your child is potty trained?

You can keep them for any other children you may have in the future, pass them onto a friend or family member, donate them or sell them on! There is quite a large market for used (or pre-loved) reusable nappies. Your nappies are almost like a mini savings account! 

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