Must Have Essentials for Baby Travel

Guest Blog by Nina Howard from Pure Earth Collection.

With the weather finally picking up and Easter holidays right around the corner, we thought we’d share some of our top travel tips for holidaying with little ones. Travelling with small children can seem daunting, but with a bit of preparation and forward planning you can make your holiday an easy transition.


Finding a travel or weekend bag that suits you and your family for your trips away can be hard. Sustainable luggage is practical, versatile and lasts a lifetime, plus you only need to buy once and you’re set for all your future travels. The Babymel Eco Hospital-Weekend Bag is perfect for short holidays away. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this wheeled bag comes with a patented hanging organiser system; allowing you to pack, hang up and use in seconds without having to fully unpack each time. A perfect travel bag, that will keep you organised on short trips with the family. 

Baby Sleep Essentials

Sleep is so important and is usually the number one thing on a parent’s mind. A well-rested baby will make everyone’s holiday so much more enjoyable!

Try to work around their daytime naps as much as you can when on the move. Timings will likely be a little off track to what’s usual, so just try to be flexible and fit in sleep whenever you can. A sling or baby carrier is great to take with you so they can catch up on naps when out and about. And don’t forget to pack your baby’s favourite blanket or comforter which can help act as a sleep queue for easy settling. Pure Earth Collection’s organic cotton bunny comforters are made from 100% organic cotton plush so they’re safer for babies and the environment too! 

With a new bedroom temperature away from home, it is impossible to predict what tog sleeping bags to take with you on your travels. That’s where Pure Earth Collection’s multi award-winning organic baby sleeping bag comes in. They are made using a unique bamboo wadding making them perfect for a wide range of room temperatures from 13-27°C, and the same bag fits from baby to 3 years old. Most sleeping bags on the market contain polyester wadding, which can quickly cause overheating, so polyester-fill bags are only recommended for a very small 2-3 degree temperature change. Instead of packing different tog sleeping bags to anticipate all weathers, Pure Earth Collection have you covered with one clever bag - saving space in your luggage and giving you peace of mind.

Another unknown when you’re away from home is how dark the room will be, and with the clocks changing you don’t want your baby waking up at 4am when the sun comes up! It’s always good to take a travel blackout blind with you to make sure you can keep that melatonin circulating after sunrise. If you use the traditional PVC travel blinds, make sure you don’t leave them up in direct sunlight during the day as they’ll leach lots of chemicals into the air when they are heated (you’ll smell a nasty burning plastic smell if you do!), and open lots of windows for ventilation even on non-sunny days. We’ve recently discovered the Pure Earth Collection totally non-toxic, organic cotton travel blackout blinds, which are a safer and more eco alternative. Plus they are super easy to use and fit almost any windows or double door. 

Keep Them Entertained

Trying to take enough toys for the trip but not use up all your suitcase space is a tricky balance! We usually recommend around 5-6 small but interactive toys. Pure Earth Collection’s organic sensory toys are great to keep little ones entertained and they’re totally natural so they’re much safer for the sea and wildlife if you take them to the beach. It’s so important for babies to have toys made from natural fabrics as they tend to end up in little mouths! Polyester plush sheds micro-plastics and so when babies suck on polyester toys they’re potentially ingesting thousands of tiny plastic particles each time. The Pure Earth Collection sensory toys are made from organic cotton with safe, non-toxic dyes and inks and a biodegradable fill. Healthier for babies and kinder to the planet too. 

Daytime adventures

When you’re out for the day, take lots of snacks, some small toys / books, a change of clothes and something warm to throw on if the temperature drops. Pure Earth Collection’s organic cotton jacket is the perfect travel / beach / poolside cover up. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to carry around.


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