Our Team Top Picks

When it comes to picking your baby changing bag, there are lots of things to consider. With lots of choice, each with different features, function and design, what works for one parent may not be right for another! That’s why Babymel has thoughtfully designed an extensive range of changing bags, so you’re sure to find one perfectly suited to you. From stylish backpack changing bags to baby bags that offer the ultimate in organisation or even a changing bag that stands out in a crowd thanks to its bright pattern!

At Babymel, we live and breathe changing bags so you could call us experts. Whether we work in sales, social media or design we know our stuff! So we asked our team to tell us about their favourite changing bags, so you can get to know our team and bags.

Gabby - Jemma, Social Media & Marketing Executive

“I absolutely love the Gabby! Its chic design in two different colours is really fashionable and doesn’t look like a ‘traditional frumpy changing bag’, just a gorgeous backpack. The vegan leather front panel with beautiful chevron quilt stitching also brings a trendy element to the design. Not only does it look gorgeous but it’s also really practical with lots of storage space and pockets to separate out items inside the bag.”

Robyn Eco - Mel, Co-founder

“Named after my kids Grandma, who is totally wonderful and was an amazing support when we started this business, this is the mother of all changing backpacks! Award after award, It’s now bee re-launched in Eco. Made from re-cycled polyester with vegan leather trims, the bag just got even better. I love its wide opening, easy access wipes pocket and the convertible strap. It’s got just the right amount of detail to make it look supper stylish and goes with everything.”

George Eco - Lisa, Customer Service Manager

“We absolutely love the George! The colour is perfect as the grey contrasts nicely against the black. It has a really nice shape and you can fit so much inside. The side pocket is great for keeping wipes which sometimes you need easy access too when dealing with Toddlers and babies! My favourite feature has to be the storage pouch at the back which is great for storing your phone. The built in stroller clips are also really handy for hanging the bag on the buggy. Having had different changing bags over the years this one is great as a unisex bag.”

Robyn Vegan Leather - Sherina, Senior Designer

“This bag is a firm favourite in our house. The compact and stylish design goes with everything, and the convertible strap is a game changer. Letting us switch quickly from grab and go mode, slung over our shoulder, to all day comfort worn as a backpack. My favourite hidden gem is the side wipes pocket, which has come in handy on more than one occasion. It definitely gets us through those busy days and hectic trips out with our toddler.”

Georgi Eco – Frances, Assistant Merchandiser

“I love the Georgi Eco in the leopard print! The print is fun, but subtle enough to go with most prams. The front pocket is really useful for holding those essentials you need to grab quickly. The shape of the Georgi means that access to the main part of the bag is easy, and allows you to easily find things without the inevitable frantic scrabble waiting for you at the bottom of some bags. The discreet integrated stroller straps are also a bonus, as you can easily attach the Georgi to your pram, and access it at ease. An all-round perfect bag, that is available in six colours!”

Freddie - Paula, International Account Manager

“This new backpack is so great! It is nice and big so I use it for when I travel or go out and can’t decide how many layers of clothes I need (I really thank the space and how comfy the back straps are). A really stylish bag that can be used by both parents and others (like me)! Highly recommend”

Lola Eco - Emma, Senior Designer

“LOVE the prints on this style and the chunky quilt gives it a contemporary look. I still can’t get over how lightweight this bag is - it feels as light as air! So I often choose to use this when I know I’ll be carrying loads of other stuff too. Everything on the bag is so conveniently positioned and easy to use, it just makes your day a bit easier.”

Amber Stroller Bag - Suzi, Co-founder

“Such a handy addition to have in your life as a Mum! Can be used as a crossbody bag for quick trips to pick up more nappies, or attached to your buggy as a stroller organiser that actually looks good. It perfectly matches some of our changing bags too, which I love. I wish this was around when I had my babies!”

Lola Vegan Leather - Lucia, Merchandising Manager

“I really love the Lola vegan leather! It’s so lightweight and backpacks are just so handy leaving you hands-free! The Black Vegan leather design is so timeless which I’m always after so this colourway is my favourite, however I bought my sister the caramel leopard print and she really loves it! So it’s great there are so many options.  The Lola is a great size and is really comfortable to wear.”