Q&A with the Design Team: The Perfect Backpack

Whether you are an avid traveller, commuting to work or just going about your every day life as a family, a backpack will always be the best option for comfort, support and hands free access. Available in an array of designs and prints, sizes and shapes and packed full of hidden features - all parents now want the perfect backpack. You will almost definitely be carrying more ‘stuff’, so you will need something to help support you on long days out pushing a pram or chasing after a toddler! Today we go behind the scenes with our design team to ask them why we should continue to choose a backpack and what goes into designing the perfect backpack.

Why choose a backpack over a shoulder bag?

Backpacks are the most comfortable way to carry all of your essentials. With baby in tow, you are sure to have a heavy load so you want a bag that allows you to easily distribute the weight evenly and supports your shoulders and back. They are also extremely practical when you have your hands full, you don’t want a bulky shoulder bag getting in the way whilst you are trying to hold and soothe your baby or clean up any surprise accidents! Our changing backpacks all have built-in stroller straps for the ultimate hands free option if you want to take the load off and rest your shoulders. If you prefer the easy access of a shoulder bag then convertible bags offer the best of both worlds. You can easily switch between backpack and shoulder bag with one pull depending on your needs, so you don’t have to stop and take the bag off your back just to find a lost dummy or pack of wipes!

Why is a backpack better for me specifically as a changing bag?

Let’s face it, babies and toddlers need a lot of stuff! Whether you are more of a minimalistic packer or a ‘just in case’ packer, if you are on a family day out your bag will be full, especially with a young baby. Using a backpack means you can pack a full bag and not worry about the weight or strain it may cause you. The back straps are designed to evenly distribute the load across your shoulders reducing any strain in your back and supporting you whilst you walk. All of our bags come packed with pockets to make sure you stay organised and help you find those smaller items easily whilst you are out and about. 

What key things should I consider when choosing a backpack?

Consider your lifestyle. If you like spending lots of time outdoors, walking in the woods or going on family adventures then you might want to choose a backpack from our eco range, made from materials which are a little lighter to carry for long time periods and have handy features that are useful when out and about. If you are more likely to be moving between a car or other method of transport with your buggy, a convertible style might be more suitable, so you can switch from shoulder bag to backpack easily. Allowing quick access to your essentials, and a hands free option when packing up the car, getting on or off a busy train or putting your little one into their car seat or buggy. 

Consider who will be carrying the backpack. Will you be sharing this bag with a partner or carer or will this bag just be mainly for you? Lots of families prefer to have one main changing bag so look for something that works for each of you in all situations instead of having to buy multiple bags. You will then need to consider the size of the backpack as depending on your height and frame you need to make sure the bag will sit correctly on your back and be comfortable for you and others wearing it. All of our backpacks come with adjustable back straps so you can amend them to sit on different body shapes comfortably and can also be attached to your pram for hands free carrying too.

When ordering online, how do I know if a backpack is the right size for me?

Ordering a bag online can be tricky so it’s important to spend time looking at the measurements and comparing it to a bag you may already have and love at home. All of our bag measurements are included under the ‘features’ tab so you can compare the height, width, depth and weight of the bag. Make sure to check the height against your body length and width against your frame, for example, if you are petite, you might refer a narrower bag so it’s not getting in the way of your arms. We provide free returns on changing bags orders, so you can purchase knowing if it’s not quite right, you can return it to us with no questions. We also offer a buy now, pay later payment option with Klarna so no money needs to be taken from your account until your decision has been made. 

Do you recommend a backpack that is easy to share with my partner?

We don’t like to categorise any of our bags as unisex as we believe our designs can be worn by all, but we do have some favourites among couples who prefer a classic shape and are most comfortable to share and adjust. Styling wise you need to make sure to choose something that suits both you and your partner and you are both comfortable to carry round in all situations! Our most popular bag for this very reason is the George Eco loved for its spacious interior, simple design and padded straps for the ultimate comfort. You simply can’t go wrong with the George!

You can view our full range of backpacks here.