The Top 3 Baby Names of 2023

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an incredibly exciting, yet daunting decision to make when becoming a parent. As we step into 2024, the landscape of baby names continues to evolve, influenced by pop culture, icons and traditions of the past. Today we delve into last year’s top 3 baby names for each gender and explore the reasons and meanings behind their popularity. Is one of your name suggestions on the list? Find out below!

Top Girl Names:


Meaning: Olive Tree

‘Olivia’ was ranked the most popular girl’s name of 2023, with widespread appeal coming from its timeless elegance. The primary meaning of the name is ‘olive tree’, with links to mother earth, nature and wellbeing, an ‘Olivia’ is sure to be clam and zen (hopefully…). Olive trees are a sign of peace and friendship, which is where the popular saying ‘to extend an olive branch’ comes from! Cool right? ‘Olivia’ has become a global favourite, embraced by parents for its classic yet modern vibe. The rise of strong, independent female characters named ‘Olivia’ in popular culture likely played a role in gaining its status as the leading choice for parents in 2023.


Meaning: Hard-working 

The name 'Amelia' claimed the second spot with its blend of vintage yet modern charm. Meaning ‘industrious’ or ‘hardworking’, this popular name has been favoured among royalty and with historical figures like the great aviator Amelia Earhart, this name embodies strength, resilience and adventure! So a great choice if you want to name your little one after a strong female role model. The softness of the name makes 'Amelia' a top choice for new parents.


Meaning: Island

'Isla' claimed the third spot in the top 3 baby names of 2023. Throughout the year it’s had rising popularity driven by its simplicity and gentle charm. Originating from the Scottish word for island, 'Isla' has a calming and honest appeal. Modern parents seek names that are both unique and easy to pronounce and ‘Isla’ ticks both boxes! With its graceful simplicity, 'Isla' captured the essence of contemporary naming trends in 2023.

Top Boy Names:


Meaning: Praiseworthy

The most popular baby boy name of 2023 was 'Muhammad'. A name which embodies strength and a sense of community. Originating from the prophet Muhammad, this name is significant among muslim communities. Meaning ‘praiseworthy’, ‘Muhammad’ is a meaningful choice for a baby boy, resonating with both traditional and contemporary values.


Meaning: Rest

'Noah' secured second position. Consistently ranked high in baby name charts, this classic yet contemporary name has biblical roots, tied to the story of Noah and the Ark. Meaning ‘rest’ (we should be so lucky), this name provides a sense of tradition and familiarity which is important to so many parents when naming their children, but still feels contemporary and modern.


Meaning: Gift of God

‘Theo' was the third ranked boy’s name of 2023. This name is derived from the ancient Greek Theodōros, meaning ‘Gift of God’ and also with German roots, ‘Theo’ meaning ‘bold or brave’ this name embodies strength and loyalty. Short but sweet ‘Theo’ has risen in popularity because of its classic feel, so is a great choice for parents seeking a name that will continue to stand the test of time.