Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts Every Parent Will Love

There is nothing more exciting than a baby shower! Whether you are a grandma-to-be or soon to be ‘auntie’ (we all end up calling every one of our friends auntie in the end!) we have the perfect gift to give to your mama-to-be. It’s likely that they'll have the big items covered already so baby showers are the perfect time to find the little essentials that mum will love but will also make parent life a little bit easier. If you’re not sure what she might need don’t be afraid to ask if she has created a baby registry or simply if there’s anything she would like or has been holding out for! To make your research easier we’ve put together our Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts below so you can find the perfect present.

1. Baby Changing Bag

Number one on the essentials list is a baby changing bag. Not only is it practical for all of baby's essentials, it will also be a great treat for mum and dad, finding a style to suit them both and replace her beloved daily handbag (Dad will just have to cope!) Look for a bag that has practical features like convertible straps, wipes dispenser pockets and built-in stroller attachment. If they typically prefer a backpack style look for padded shoulder straps and something lightweight so it’s easy to carry. Baby changing bags should come with key travel essentials so look for ones that include a padded changing mat and insulated bottle pockets or holders so that they don’t need to buy these separately! A stylish and well-designed baby changing bag not only provides the practicality essentials for day-to-day outings but also adds a touch of fashion to parenting, making it a thoughtful and appreciated gift for any expecting parent. Discover our full range of baby changing bags here.

2. Stroller Bag

If they already have a changing bag (which they might!) then a great option they probably haven’t considered yet is a stroller bag. This thoughtful gift is designed to keep all your essentials on hand and it really is the perfect pram accessory. The benefit of a stroller bag is that it is multi-use and can be worn as a cross body / shoulder bag, perfect for shorter trips out the house so they don’t have to lug around their whole changing bag. In true Mary Poppins style, you can actually fit more inside a stroller bag than it first appears! With dedicated space for storing all essential items including nappies, wipes, baby bottles, small toys, snacks, and personal belongings - they even have a side pocket perfect for a water bottle for mum or dad too! Find a stroller bag that matches with their pram or mix and/ or matches with their changing bag for the ultimate chic mama look! Discover our range of stroller bags here. 

3. Comforter

If you’re looking for something small for baby that’s not just ‘a toy’ then a baby comforter is a lovely baby shower gift option, designed to provide a sense of security and warmth to the newest member of the family. These soft and cuddly companions not only serve as a source of comfort but also become cherished companions for the baby during sleep or moments of rest. Available in an array of colours and animals, comforters often feature gentle textures and soothing colours, stimulating the baby's senses and promoting a calm and peaceful environment. Did you know a baby comforter can also play a role in fostering a child's emotional development? Offering a tangible source of familiarity and reassurance at nap time. Check out this selection from Jojo Maman Bebe.

4. Cellular Blankets

If you are looking for something for baby then a cellular blanket is a great baby shower gift option, striking the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and versatility. The unique design of a cellular blanket, characterised by its breathable and lightweight weave, ensures optimal air circulation, helping regulate the baby's temperature and reducing the risk of overheating. This makes it an ideal choice for various climates and seasons and looks super cute too! The soft and cozy texture of the blanket provides a gentle touch against a baby's delicate skin, offering warmth and security during naps or bedtime. Additionally, the cellular construction adds a layer of durability, making these blankets withstand frequent washing without compromising their quality (which we know is an essential with a little one!). An invaluable addition to the baby's nursery. We love the cellular blankets available in 6 different colours at Bloomsbury Mill or 4 colour options at John Lewis. 

5. Baby Clothing

The one thing that everyone gets excited about is tiny baby clothes, from adorable little booties to sleep suits, baby needs it all! Babies grow at a rapid pace, and parents often find themselves in need of a constant supply of clothing to accommodate these changes. By gifting baby clothes, you contribute to the parents' essential wardrobe for their little one. Want to know the biggest wearer of them all? Sleep-suits! Newborns get around 14-17 hours of sleep a day so it's essential they are cosy and comfy at all times for their regular naps. We love the organic and recycled range available at The White Company. 

It’s always nice to include a few non baby related products for mum too so don’t forget to look at some self care items like face masks, candles or bath salts too (and everyone loves a bit of chocolate)! Boots have a great baby shower gifts selection including lots of small self care items for mum pre and postpartum too.