Do You Need A Baby Changing Bag?

More brands are now working to become sustainable and every change made can have a positive impact on the future of our environment. However, buying from a sustainable brand isn't automatically an eco friendly purchase if you are over consuming.

Today over consumption is key issue and our industry contributes to this. New parents purchase products that are promised to make life with their baby easier which can lead to a purchasing spiral, but do you really need all of it? This is a question we often get asked about baby changing bags, so we want to try and debunk the hearsay and give you our honest opinion.

At the end of the day the choice really is yours to make, if you think you have a perfectly good bag that can be used then give it a go, but here are some key aspects we think you absolutely need when using a bag as a changing bag (and our Babymel bags just happen to feature all of them).

  • A wide opening so it’s easy to access the main part of your bag
  • Big enough for everything you and your baby need for a day out
  • Light coloured lining, finding things inside a big bag with dark lining is always a nightmare!
  • The lining should also be wipe clean (for inevitable spillages)
  • Pockets, pockets pockets!! A mix of external pockets for quick access and internal pockets for organisation is ideal
  • Durable and water resistant outer materials, that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Stroller attachments that are designed for the purpose (hanging normal shoulder bag straps on your buggy bar will likely end with premature ageing of the straps or even breakage)
  • And insulated pocket or holder - not only for milk bottles but also a handy place to keep snacks
  • A changing mat - obviously this could be purchased separately but buying one with your bag means it will fit neatly inside the pockets to help keep you more organised

As well as all these features, Babymel changing bags also have other ‘loved by parents’ features including - baby wipes dispenser pockets, convertible straps and secure hidden pockets for valuables. We would always recommend using a changing bag that has been designed for its purpose, we promise it will make your life that much easier which is why we also offer a 1 year guarantee on all our bags, so you can be reassured they are designed to last and work as hard as you do.

Babymel was first created when co-founder Mel Marshall kept locking herself out of the house. She had a two year old son and was constantly changing between three bags. Her personal bag, her work bag and her baby bag. When transferring her things across all three bags on a daily basis, she found she kept leaving her keys in another bag. This is when the question came to her, 'Why should you need to use three bags just because you're a parent?' and an idea - instead of shifting between a work, personal or baby bag it makes more sense to have one bag that can do all 3 jobs, and Babymel was born!

At Babymel, our bags are built to last. By buying one durable, functional bag that you love you are not only saving money, but helping the environment, not consuming more than you need. We know that a changing bag is an investment and something you will use for years and babies to come. We are constantly developing bags that you will love, but not as a short term investment. We create timeless and functional designs that will suit your style and keep you organised. Our bags are built with durability in mind, designed with hard wearing materials that will withstand the test of time.

Most of all we want to help make your life as a parent that little bit easier, but making sure you’re doing it with a beautiful bag, always by your side.

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