Inside Babymel: The Ultimate Hospital Bag

When getting ready to have your baby, organisation is so key. You need to make sure everything is ready to go ahead of time and you also need to know that potentially weeks after you pack it you (or your other half) can easily find what you need. Many people use their brand new changing bag as their hospital bag, which is a great idea! They are big and spacious and designed for easy access, but it is unlikely to fit everything needed for you, baby and your birthing partner, so until now parents-to-be have been left with having to pack 3 separate bags to take to the hospital. We know this isn’t ideal so we decided there had to be a better way!

Enter the newest addition to Babymel’s range, our eco Hospital Bag. Bigger than a changing bag, this handy piece of kit is hand luggage sized and gives you more space so you can fit everything you need inside. But the last thing anyone in their 3rd trimester wants to be doing is carrying a heavy bag, so that’s why we designed this carry-on bag with wheels, so you can easily pull it along into the birth centre. But even if you have a home birth, making sure everything is organised and all together will help keep you relaxed and calm as your prepare for the birth, and this bag has so many uses once baby arrives, it’s totally justifiable!

You might be thinking it’s great having a big bag, but what about finding anything inside it? That hasn’t gone forgotten either. With the bag comes our patented hanging organiser, which has a multitude of uses but for the hospital it works perfectly to keep all your essentials neat and tidy. Four sections break up the inside of the bag to individual compartments, so pre, during and post birth necessities are easy to find. Whether you need breast pads, TENS machine, or your phone charger you know exactly where it all is.

After birth, this bag can be used time and time again for weekends away, over night stays at the grandparents and more. While the patented hanging organiser is so useful around the nursery as a change station caddy for nappies, wipes and baby grows or can be hung up in a wardrobe to keep baby clothes neatly packed away. Or can even be kept in the car for emergency supplies!

With matching changing bags to our new hospital bag, you can always use one as an overspill just incase you are going extra prepared (or just fill the changing bag with snacks) and then have an ideal matching set for travelling with your new arrival later. This bag really is a game changer! 

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