Inside Babymel: Designing The Freddie

When designing a baby changing bag, we start with you, the customer. We put ourselves in your shoes and consider what we can do to make your life as a parent that bit easier. From extra pockets to accessories, each bag is designed with you in mind. Today, we speak with our design team to find out what it was like designing and creating one of our most recent launches The Freddie - every parents new favourite changing bag.

What was the inspiration behind the design?

The design process at Babymel is quite methodical, rather than just a sudden burst of inspiration. At the start of each new season the design team all look at the range as a whole: what’s working, what’s not and if there are ’gaps we need to fill’. We could see there was a space for a stylish looking backpack with comfortable padded shoulder straps. So this was the initial design brief for this bag. After researching current backpack trends, we decided that a drawstring style knapsack would be the ideal addition to our collection. We then got to work developing this shape into a changing backpack; something that had the look of a fashionable bag with all the function parents need.

What are its key functionalities?

Function is the essence of Babymel. Our bags are designed for parents and extra care and attention is paid to ensure they do their job well. The back straps are designed so you can wear your bag all day, not only because of the padding, but they have been thoughtfully positioned on the back panel to make sure they are comfortable for all body types. The back straps and back panel are also made using a woven material that is more breathable than the vegan leather, used on the front of the bag so stops you getting a sweaty back!

Would you have guessed this is one of our largest capacity bags? The drawstring closure allows for a large internal compartment, but stops the bags looking bulky and boxy as the drawstring can be closed tighter or looser depending on how much is inside, while the flap closure ensures your items are safe and secure. Making it perfect for quick trips as well as when you’re out the house all day.

What is it made from?

The main body of the bag is made from our tried and tested durable polyester. This material is lightweight, water resistant and the colour does not fade over time. Cleverly positioned panels on the front are vegan leather and the bag is then finished with minimal pale gold hardware giving a stylish look, so no one would guess it’s a baby changing bag.

What makes this style unique in your range?

Within the Babymel range, this bag stands out as one of the styles that looks least like a baby bag. The contemporary design and colour options make for a stylish choice for any parent. The blend of materials makes it very durable, but also lightweight which is key when its aim is to be filled with items for your adventures. The side pockets are also a great feature, making it easy to access bottles or snacks, and its roomy front pocket can store the changing mat, so that allows for more room in the bag if needed.

While all Babymel bags have our unique brand USPs; machine washable changing mats, built-in stroller straps, ultra lightweight designs and pockets and internal storage designed specifically for everything a parent needs to carry.

Is there any story behind the name ‘Freddie’?

We wanted to choose a name that reflected any sex of parent. Something lively and fun, to mirror a super easy and functional bag you can just pick up and rely on.

Top 3 features?

  1. The back straps are designed to be comfortable to wear for any body type and with built-in stroller straps, they are full of function too. 
  2. The external pockets help to keep parents organised but have been carefully designed so they don’t make the bag look bulky, or jar with the contemporary look of the bag. Instead they offer additional storage while being completely in keeping with the design. 
  3. Lastly our no.1 feature on all our Babymel bags is our machine washable changing mat, made with cushioned padding for extra comfort - a super handy accessory every parent needs.

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