Large Capacity Bags: For Twins or Multiples

Organisation is the key to parenting. We know sometimes we can be forgetful (blame it on the baby brain…) but having an organised changing bag can make things a bit easier, especially when you’re trying to juggle multiple children. You may wonder if you need a new changing bag when having another baby, or a specialist bag for twins. So we’ve  made your life a little easier by picking our top bags for twins and multiples and also giving you some handy tips on packing your changing bag to ensure you’re comfortable and organised all day long.

Our top 5 tips for packing a larger bag:

 - Keep heavy items at the bottom of the bag. This means the weight is supported by your back and legs rather than your shoulders which is better for your posture. So make sure items like board books and heavier toys are kept lower down in your bag, as close to your back as possible.

 - Maintain an even weight distribution. If you’re using the side bottle pocket for a bottle of water, try to balance it out with a similar weight item the other side pocket so one side of your body isn’t taking all the strain.

 - Keep your most used items within easy reach. Keep spare dummies or their favourite soft toy within easy reach by using the external pockets on your bag. Some of our bags also have wipes dispenser pockets on the outside for super quick clean ups, a life-saver when weaning and for parents of toddlers.

 - Adjust the straps for your comfort. If you’re sharing your bag with a much taller or smaller person than you, then re-adjusting the straps before each of you wear your bag will give you the most comfortable wear. The base of your backpack should sit above just your hips to give you the best support.

 - Make use of your stroller straps. When you’re out all day running after little ones the strain can sometimes get too much - especially if you’re carrying things for everyone! Make sure to take the load off and use your stroller straps to give your shoulders and back a break from time to time.

Meet our pick of the best changing bags for twins & multiples

George eco

Our largest capacity changing bag and a tried and tested parent favourite, the George is a stand out style for parents looking for space and organisation. With a wide opening and seven cleverly positioned pockets, you can easily keep everything organised and separated. There’s even a back zipped phone pocket you can access while wearing the  backpack and padded tech pocket for a tablet or laptop. It’s also a great choice for twins as there are 2 insulated pockets to keep bottles warm or cool for up to 4 hours. Awarded “Best Changing Bag for Multiples 2018” by Mumsnet, we’re not the only ones who think the George is the perfect choice for a bigger family.

Jade eco

If backpacks aren’t for you, the Jade is a stylish multi compartment shoulder bag, designed to keep you ultra-organised on the go. The front flap contains 2 handy pockets; a wipes dispenser pocket for quick access to wipes and large pocket, perfect for nappies. There is also a discrete slip pocket on the front panel to store your changing mat, so everything you need for nappy changes has it’s own place and is to easy to access. There is also a hidden ‘parent pocket’ on the back panel, large enough to store all your values and essentials securely. This spacious shoulder bag is loved by parents worldwide.

Lola eco

Backpack lovers, you will be sure to adore the Lola eco. This super lightweight backpack is one our our most spacious styles so you can fit everything you need for a day out with the whole family.  The handy double zip closure and wide opening makes this changing bag really easy to use and gives you quick access to all your essentials on the go. The external drop in side pockets are ideal for bottles and snacks while the secure zipped front pocket is perfect to keep valuables secure or great for storing wipes and muslins for speedy clean ups.


eco Hospital/Weekend Bag

Although this is not a changing bag, the eco Hospital Bag is the ultimate in organisation for trips away with the family. Whether you are packing your hospital bag, planning a family weekend away, or even a sleepover at the grandparents this bag will help keep you organised. Our hanging organiser system is included inside your eco Hospital Bag,  allowing you to simply pack, hang up and use without unpacking - giving you more time to spend with your family. Cool right?

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