Packing For Two Under Two

Guest Blog written by Jade Gande, mama of two under two.

Since having 2 children under 2, I’ve been asked many times what I take out with me when we are going out for the day. One thing I would say is to get a bigger changing bag for the longer days out. I always like to make sure I have everything I need and it’s much easier having it all in one bag. Although we all know how easy it is to forget something every time (baby brain!).


So first, the necessities. Nappies are a must have for any changing bag. I usually pack 2 nappies for my eldest and 5/6 for the baby. Obviously if you’re staying somewhere overnight then you’d need more. I pack nappy bags for disposing them and some nappy cream just incase it’s needed, plus baby wipes which are a must have! The Babymel changing bags come with a folded changing mat which is perfect for when you’re out and about!


Anyone that has a toddler will know that you always need snacks! Just pack some that are small and won’t take up too much space. Also make sure you have a water/drink bottle for your toddler, it’s so easy to forget this when leaving the house in a hurry!


Bottles and formula for the baby (if formula fed), plus a flask with hot water. These can take up a lot of space which is why I use a larger changing bag when we are out for the day. I also pack a muslin for when I’m feeding the baby to save any milk going on his clothes.

Change of Clothes

I always pack a change of clothes for the baby, usually just a vest and a Babygrow. You never know when the nappy will leak or if they’ll be sick everywhere. Better to be prepared! I also pack a little cardigan and hat for the baby just incase they are needed.


I always make sure I have a colouring book and crayons for the toddler. If you’re going for lunch or dinner this will be a life saver with keeping them occupied if they get bored. Then I’ll pack a rattle/small toy for the baby to play with if needed.

If you’re just popping to the shops then you can pack light, I always switch between a smaller bag and bigger bag, depending on how long we will be out for. Going out with 2 under 2 can definitely be hard work, but having a changing bag with everything I need makes it much easier! But my top tip… don’t stress! If you forget something it’s not the end of the world.

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